President Donald Trump bans government officials from reading or discussing “It’s A Ding Dong World” because the blog “mercilessly makes me look like the fool I am”

Thursday, February 9, 2017: With his usual flair and braggadocio, President Donald Trump today signed his 175th Executive Order since taking office 20 days ago. In the order, Trump prohibits any member of the executive branch of government from reading or discussing the contents of Joe Dos Pasos’ popular blog It’s A Ding Dong World. The following pictures taken at the oval office tell the whole story.


Below: President Trump signs Executive Order #175.

Below: President Trump makes a face at staff member who applauds after he signed the order.

Below: President Trump shows off Executive Order #175 to White House staff members, including the kitchen and motor pool employees.

As of this writing, readership of our blog has more than doubled, with hits coming from the Capitol and - amazingly - the White House.

Thank you, President Trump!


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